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Cir.No./2015                                                                                                                                                                                          Dated : 25-11-2014

Sub : Re-opening of the School during  the session 2015 for newly promoted boys of Classes VI – X

1. The School will remain closed on 01-01-2015 (Thursday) on account of Kalpataru Diwas. The Vidyapith reopens on 02-01-2015 (Friday). The classes will begin on and from 02-01-2015 (Friday).

2. The boys of Classes VI-X must reach the Vidyapith on 01-01-2015 before 5 p.m. Absence on the re-opening day will be considered a breach of discipline and a fine of Rs. 100/- will be imposed for each day of absence.

3. Boys are strictly forbidden to bring with them note-books / help-books/ suggestion books on any subject. Instead, they should bring with them a Dictionary by Hornby & Parnwell and those of classes VIII, IX & X Advanced Learners’ Dictionary by A.S. Hornby along with Eng-Eng-Beng published by Oxford University Press.

4. All guardians are hereby informed that it is compulsory for all students to purchase Books, Exercise books, Uniform etc. from the Boys’ Stores of Vidyapith.

5. Some boys bring dresses from their homes which are not in tune with the Vidyapith tradition. Such cases will be treated as serious breach of discipline.

6. The Vidyapith authority will render financial help to those boys whose guardians are too poor to pay the price of the new books. The willing guardians may apply to the Secretary for such help with recent Income Certificate from the respective employer or competent authorities.

7. No cash money should be given to the boys. In case of need, boys should make use of the Students’ Bank Account.

8. Guardians’ visit and their stay at the Guest House  :

i) Visit to the ward is restricted to once a month only on Sunday. For new boys, the guardians may visit twice a month for one year. Visiting hours 9-30 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. to 4-30 p.m. (subject to change). Supplying cooked food to the boys in any form is strictly prohibited. ii) At a time two members of the family (including the guardian) are allowed to visit the ward. iii) Except visiting hours please don’t sit / loiter around the Temple, School, Hostel, Library and Kitchen buildings and disturb the wards. iv) Free entry on special occasions will be allowed on Janmastami festival,  Sri Sri Kali Puja, Annual Exhibition, Prize-Distribution Ceremony and Naranarayan Seva. v) Vidyapith occasionally suffers for acute scarcity of water. So it may not be possible to serve food to the guardians during their visit to the wards.

9. The Vidyapith Authority shall not allow the boys to keep extra food (excepting biscuits) with them in the hostel from the next session as it is creating several problems in the administration. The guardians are requested to follow this rule meticulously.

10. Using Mobile/Cell Phone on the Vidyapith Campus by the boys is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule will be treated as a serious breach of discipline. Bringing plastic bag, poly-pack or any plastic carry bag etc. to Vidyapith is prohibited. It will be treated as an offence.

11. Income Certificates of the guardians : You are aware that our students appear at various types of Competitive Examinations for which Income-Certificates of the respective guardians are to be attached to the application-forms of the candidates. We, therefore, request to the guardians of the boys of Class VII onwards to submit their Income-Certificates to the School-authorities in January, 2015 to facilitate the Examination-procedure.

Besides, the guardians are also requested to ask their wards to keep with them Guardians’ Income Certificate, a set of Mark sheets of the last Annual Exams., Birth Certificate, Caste-BPL-Adhar Certificate(s) (if applicable) which may be required at the time of any competitive examinations or getting any assistance from any corner.


12. Visiting Card : The Visiting Card supplied by the Chief Wardens should be filled up properly and verified at the Chief Warden’s Office in Ramakrishna Sadan, prior to collecting it again. Duplicate or Xeroxed Visiting Card is not allowed.

13. The Nara-Narayan Seva – 2015 will be held on 08-02-2015 (Sunday).

 ***In addition to the Session-ending Circular 2014, the following points are revised and all-concerned are requested to note the following:

 14. The next academic session (2015) will commence on and from 02/01/2015 (Friday). The boys are to return to Vidyapith on 01/01/2015 (Thursday) before 5 p.m. positively. They shall pay a fine of Rs. 100/- per day for unauthorized absence.

For Classes X to XII

2.       The Guardians are informed that their wards’ classes will remain suspended from 25/12/2014 to 31/12/2014. They can take their wards home on 25/12/2014 early in the morning. The boys are to return to Vidyapith on 01/01/2015 before 5 p.m. positively. No student will be allowed to stay at the Vidyapith during this period.

(Swami Jnanalokananda)










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